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We are Martijn and Christel, who, along with our son Dani, emigrated to Spain to pursue our dream. And now, born in Spain, we just welcomed Florine to our family.

In 2008, we found this beautiful piece of land in Galera and dreamed of building a lovely home here, a place where we could live and work in the future. Our goal with Casa Lua was to create a small-scale luxury resort. A place where you can enjoy a relaxing, comfortable, and welcoming stay.

We consider hospitality to be very important, and we are available at any time to address any questions that may arise. We speak Dutch, Spanish, English, and German. We want to dedicate our time to organizing unique, tailor-made vacations for our clients.

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Tennis is what unites Martijn and Christel in terms of sports.
They met when they were young at LTC DEM tennis club in Beverwijk. They still enjoy playing tennis and have also taken up padel.

With over fourteen years of experience as an entrepreneur in the catering and events industry, Martijn has all the knowledge and expertise to always go the extra mile for his guests.
Cooking delicious menus, creating a welcoming atmosphere, offering tailor-made solutions, organising perfect weddings and grandiose parties. He has done it!

Martijn attended the ALO and studied Sports, Management and Entrepreneurship. His interest in sports, exercise and guiding/coaching people comes in handy at Casa Lua. In the Netherlands, Martijn was a fanatic amateur cyclist who raced weekly with his cycling club. Here in Andalusia he tries to get on his bike every day and enjoy the special and very good cycling atmosphere. He brings to Casa Lua the experience, his sporting spirit and the enthusiasm with which Martijn ran his business in the Netherlands to bring the best to his guests.

Christel’s many years of experience as an office manager in a law firm in Amsterdam also come to the forefront at Casa Lua.
Christel is used to completely taking care of a group. With her drive and positive energy, she doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Christel has loved to move to music ever since she was a little girl. From a young age she danced several times a week and even took part in the competition and showteam of Dance Studio Patty in Heemskerk. There she also taught various dance and sports classes for more than ten years, where she passed on her love of dance and movement to her groups. From the youngest four year olds to ladies in their sixties and from jazz ballet to pilates and zumba.

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